SN2 has an enduring professional relationship with the University of Sydney's School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering where Dr Davies teaches part-time and is a member of the Foundation and occasional collaborator.

SN2 has contacts in the School of Chemistry especially Prof. Thomas Maschmeyer who has specialist skills in catalyst research, polymer chemistry, and inorganic react ion chemistry and sustainable fuel techology.

Senior mentors

  • Em. Professor Rolf Prince AO etc, probably the most well known chemical engineer in Australia and one of the discipline's foremost elder statesmen.
  • Colin Putt who also teaches at the University of Sydney remains an encyclopaedia of knowledge and continues as a valued colleague.
  • The late H.M. Tweeddale who is sadly missed for his excellent counsel in professional engineering, ethics and expert knowledge.


  • Dr Raj. Malik, a long-time associate and collaborator on biological process engineering, process control and HAZOP studies. His company Biospot, which specialises in biological treatment of wastewater, can be viewed at
  • Dr Brett Alexander, a PhD in chemical engineering with eclectic abilities.